Guildford Fireworks

Here you will find our Guildford Fireworks that are currently available.


We stock a brilliant range of fireworks here. Whether you’re looking for the smaller fireworks to put on a show in your back garden, or you’re looking for a monster to light up the skies and rumble the ground beneath you, we have those too.


We have the perfect collection and are happy to offer advice on what to choose for your special day whether it’s Bonfire night, New Year or Wedding even a Birthday party.



All our rockets are high performance with different colours and effects ranging from 1.4g to 1.3g for extra power and performance.

Whether you are looking at a small or big event, Hokey Cokey have you covered. For those looking at the rockets with the extra power, you will not be disappointed in our selection below. It has the potential to transform your event whilst keeping everyone entertained.


Selecting Boxes

Our selection boxes are of the highest quality and feature a wide variety of ‘real’ fireworks. The fireworks contained in each box have long burn times and provide a mixture of both ground and aerial displays. All containing multi-shot barrages, fountains, roman candles and rockets with most also containing Catherine wheels.


Single Ignition

Our Single Ignition Fireworks are perfect for those looking to bring an evening of entertainment. As we sell them all year round you can use this opportunity to celebrate any occasion or event. I mean, what is there not to love about fireworks.

Helping bring the family together with the magic that comes with the fireworks. You will find your eyes gazed up at the sky with your family or friends and be truly mesmerised by the colour and effect that is to follow.


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