Selection Boxes

Our selection boxes are of the highest quality and feature a wide variety of ‘real’ fireworks – the fireworks contained in each box have long burn times and provide a mixture of both ground and aerial displays. All containing multi-shot barrages, fountains, roman candles and rockets with most also containing Catherine wheels.


The cheap firework selection boxes are perfect for small events or even for those that are looking for a mixture of fireworks. Luckily, here at Hokey Cokey, we have everything you need for a night under the stars with our exclusive and variety of fireworks. Our more expensive selections are for bigger events and bigger varieties. Therefore, if you have a big evening planned with friends or families and want to surprise them with a fantastic display of fireworks then this is where to get them from.


If you would like some more advice on our fireworks to see what would be best or if you want to know more about the selection boxes then please get in touch today.

Carousel £15.00 13 pieces

The smallest of our range of Selection Boxes designed with children in mind as it contains no bangs. Contains 13 pieces.

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Fiesta £20.00 15 pieces

No bangs. An ideal garden display for young children. Contains 15 pieces.

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Soiree 9 fireworks £32.99

Soiree selection Box which contains: 9 fireworks in total

1 x 70 Shot Roman Candle Battery

1 x 8 Shot Roman Candle

1 x Rocket

1 x 7 shot cake (new)

1 x Twinkling Star Fountain (35 seconds)

1 x Happy Panda Fountain (35 seconds)

1 x Whirling Wizard Fountain (30 seconds)

1 x Killer Bee

1 x Fortune Fountain

Storm Chaser £50.00

Pack of 6. Sand Storm , Tornado, Lightning Bolt, Thunderstorm Hurricane, Bizzard

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Fiesta Selection Box £50.00 12 Fireworks

12 Fireworks, 2 Rockets, 2 x 8 Shot Candles, 1 x 70 Shot Candle, 1 x 15 Shot Cake, 1 x Killer Bee, 1 x 7 Shot Cake, 1 Nukes of Hazard - (50 seconds), 1 Wheel, 1 Enchanted Forest - (35 seconds) and 1 Twinkling Star - (35 seconds).

Serene £50.00 Low Noise 11 Fireworks

LOW NOISE Selection Box contains 11 Fireworks 1 x 70 shot Candle 1 x Wheel
1 x Milky Way 2 x 6" Conical Fountains (60 second duration)
1 x Crystal Cascade Fountain (60 second duration)
1 x Mirage Fountain (35 second duration)
1 x Enchanted Forest
2 x 8 shot Candles
1 x Whirling Wizard

Jamboree Selection Box £70.00

4x Rockets, 1x70 Shot Candles, 2x8 Shot Candles, 1x Wheel
1x Nukes of Hazard, 1x Enchanted Forest, 2x Twinkling Stars, 1x Happy Panda, 1x Milky Way, 1x Fortune Fountain, 1x96 Shot Cake, 1x Haunted House, 1x7 Shot cake.

Masquerade Selection Box £114.00

4x Rockets, 2x8 Shot Candles, 2x Wheels
2x Twinkling Star, 1x Enchanted Forest, 1x Sunset Surprise, 1x Nukes of Hazard, 2x Magical Moonlight, 1x Aladdin's Cave, 1x Fortune Fountain, 2x15 Shot Cakes, 1x96 Shot Cake, 1x16 Shot Cake, 1x7 Shot Cake.

Shindig Selection Box £164.00

4x Rockets, 3x8 shot candles, 2x70 shot candles, 2x Wheels, 1x Tropical Storm Fountain, 1x Aladdin's Cave, 2x Nukes of Hazard, 2x Sunset Surprise, 1x Enchanted Forest, 1x Fortune Fountain, 1x Twinkling Star Fountain, 1x Monkey business, 1x Ice Diamond, 1x Volcanic Eruptions, 3x15 shot cakes, 1x96 shot cake, 1x7 shot cake.

Razzle Dazzle £120.00 24 pieces

Box containing some larger fireworks including Combination Fountains, Conic Fountains, Barrages, Roman Candles, Shot Tubes. Contains 24 pieces.

Other Fireworks we offer.

If you’re looking to buy fireworks in Surrey or Hampshire, then you’re in the right place.


We stock an array of high-quality fireworks suitable for any special occasion and are licensed to sell all year round.


With our variety of fireworks, you have the capability of lighting up the skies like never before. Add colour and effects to your party or event with the help of Hokey Cokey Party Shop.


If you are looking for anything in particular or need assistance with what to buy. Then please get in touch with one of our Party Specialists.

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