All our rockets are high performance with different colours and effects ranging from 1.4g to 1.3g for extra power and performance.


Whether you are looking at a small or big event, Hokey Cokey have you covered. For those looking at the rockets with the extra power, you will not be disappointed in our selection below. It has the potential to transform your event whilst keeping everyone entertained.


If you speak with one of our party experts and we will be able to match the firework rocket packs to the type of celebration or occasion that you are having. This way everyone can experience a unique and joyful evening gazing up at the sky.


Our rockets are suitable for all occasions with their limitless effects and colours.

Warhawks Rocket pack £19.00

Each rocket in this amazing pack has a different effect including silver glitter, green glitter, golden glitter, crackling stars & red peony burst. Pack of 5.

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Double Trouble £27.00

Double break rocket producing two spectacular bursts in different effects.

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Fireball £35.00

Intense ball of colour and noise.

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The Whopper £42.00

Huge brocade-style burst.

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Star Blaster Rocket Pack £50.00

Star Blaster Rocket Pack of 5 differant colour effects this is our best seller

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Emperor Rocket £55.00

Emperor Rocket, our biggest Rocket to date with a truly huge and impressive shellburst filling the sky

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Space Mission Rocket Pack £70.00

Pack of 16 1.3g performance with 1.4g storage. High performance rockets with a huge variety of effects.

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Sonic Rocket Pack £145.00

Each mesh pack contains one of each of the following. 1 x Excelsior - 1 x Fireball- 1 x Maximizer - 1 x Whooper Large bursts of colour...

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Other Fireworks we offer.

If you’re looking to buy fireworks in Surrey or Hampshire, then you’re in the right place.


We stock an array of high-quality fireworks suitable for any special occasion and are licensed to sell all year round.


With our variety of fireworks, you have the capability of lighting up the skies like never before. Add colour and effects to your party or event with the help of Hokey Cokey Party Shop.


If you are looking for anything in particular or need assistance with what to buy. Then please get in touch with one of our Party Specialists.

Speak to our party experts.