Crazy Crocs

Red, green & crackling comets race into the sky with this rapid firing cake. LOW NOISE.

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Excellent medium sized wheel creating a long lasting effect. LOW NOISE.

Mad as a Box of Frogs

Red and silver tiger tail, whistling comets and crackling bursts. LOW NOISE.

Whizz Tastic

Multi-colour comets with crackling clusters. LOW NOISE.

Fish and Chips

A superb low noise item creating a mixture of silver fish in a blue lake and huge silver spinning spirals! Great for the young! LOW NOISE.

Twirling Trio

Three quality wheels in three different sizes in a PVC bag and header card. LOW NOISE.

Speed Demon

Large wheel with three very powerful drivers, three different effects and a huge crackling finale! LOW NOISE.

Fishes and Seahorses

Crackling tail to silver fish in a blue sea, changing to white strobes and brocade cascading horse tails. LOW NOISE.

Festival of Light

Super bright low noise cascading strobes and falling leaves. Must be seen to be believed. LOW NOISE.

Low Noise Barrage Bag

6 Assorted Barrages, 1x Fishes and Seahorses, 1x Mad as a Box of Frogs, 1x Tropical Storm, 1x Fish and Chips, 1x Dragons Den, 1x Whizz Tastic.

Glorious Fanfare

Z firing, upright and fanned spinners to coloured comets, falling leaves, waterfall and brocade finale. Simply stunning. LOW NOISE.

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