Glitter Wheel £10.00 two per pack

Value for money twin pack of tri-effect wheels. Effects include white to red spray, white to green spray and titanium flower. Contains 2 wheels.

Mad as a Box of Frogs £15.99 25 shots 25 seconds

Red and silver tiger tail, whistling comets and crackling bursts. LOW NOISE.

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Tropical Storm Fountian £16.00 190 seconds

This Fountain has a whopping duration of over 3 minutes lots of colour and effect changes make it a must have item

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Mixed 6" Cone Pack £16.00 60 seconds

A a pack of two high performance Gold and Silver cones, machine pressed for high performance.

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Cosmic wheel £17.00

Large wheel with a long duration. Contains 6 coloured sprays of red, titanium, green, yellow, white and gold.

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Fish and Chips £24.99 25 shots 40 seconds

A superb low noise item creating a mixture of silver fish in a blue lake and huge silver spinning spirals! Great for the young! LOW NOISE.

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Fishes and Seahorses £39.99 30 shots 47 seconds

Crackling tail to silver fish in a blue sea, changing to white strobes and brocade cascading horse tails. LOW NOISE.

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Colossal Candle £30.00 200 shots 45 seconds

Our 200 shot Colossal Candle stands over half a metre tall and features quick-fire crackling comets. Fired on its own or in multiples, it provides a fantastic spectacle in any display. The enormous firework is both colossal in name and performance!
200 coloured and crackling comets pulse-fire at a splendid pace to really fill the night sky, whilst also adding fantastic rhythm to any display. Great in multiples.

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Glittering Jewels £97.99 36 shots 40 seconds

A stunning new low noise multi-shot cake producing an array of effects and colours

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Serene Selection Box £50.00 11 Fireworks

LOW NOISE Selection Box contains 11 Fireworks 1 x 70 shot Candle 1 x Wheel
1 x Milky Way 2 x 6" Conical Fountains (60 second duration)
1 x Crystal Cascade Fountain (60 second duration)
1 x Mirage Fountain (35 second duration)
1 x Enchanted Forest
2 x 8 shot Candles
1 x Whirling Wizard

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