Single Ignition

With a multitude of different effects and priced from as little as £9.99 you will not be disappointed with our range of multi-shot cakes.


Our Single Ignition Fireworks are perfect for those looking to bring an evening of entertainment. As we sell them all year round you can use this opportunity to celebrate any occasion or event. I mean, what is there not to love about fireworks.


Helping bring the family together with the magic that comes with the fireworks. You will find your eyes gazed up at the sky with your family or friends and be truly mesmerized by the colour and effect that is to follow.


Don’t forget to ask about our baby reveal firework.

Crazy Crocs £10.00 96 shots 25 seconds

Red, green & crackling comets race into the sky with this rapid firing cake. LOW NOISE.

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Roman candles £14.00 5 shots per Candle pack of 4

4 assorted colours in this pack with each Roman Candle producing 5 shots. Colours include Red, Green, Gold & Silver. Contains 4 Roman Candles in a retail pack.

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Mad as a Box of Frogs £16.00 25 shots 25 seconds

Red and silver tiger tail, whistling comets and crackling bursts. LOW NOISE.

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Panda £22.00

Watch how the Panda’s eyes twinkle on this amazing long duration fountain. Effect include a whistle, silver & ornage crackles with blue stars. Red chrysanthemum and silve crackling with blue stars. Red plum and silver crackling with blue stars and white strobes.

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Monster Mash £25.00 25 Shots 30 Seconds

Amusing hummers zip upwards joyful sound effects above thick silver mines

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Devils Fire £25.00 25 Shots 30 Seconds

Large coloured bursts with inbuilt finaleThis item was previously only available in the.

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Cheery Cherries £24.99 25 shots 35 seconds

One of our most popular barrages, large bursts to busy crackling time rain clusters. 35 seconds

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Shanghai Cyclones £32.99 16 shots 16 seconds

Red tail to silver spinners to large silver bursts – very unique effect. 43 seconds

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Willow Tree £35.00 19 shots 30 seconds

Huge crackling willow cascading bursts with inbuilt finale

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Dizzy Dinosuar £35.00 36 shots 30 seconds

excellent new firework creating brocade bursts with blue, red & green stars

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Mighty Crowns £35,00 19 Shots 30 seconds

Brocade crown tail to red chrysanthemum time rain and blue chrysanthemum to brocade crown time..

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Fishes & Seahorses £39.99 30 shots 47 seconds Low noise

Crackling tail to silver fish in a blue sea, changing to white strobes and brocade cascading horse tails. 47 seconds. LOW NOISE.

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Triple Attack £50.00 21 Shots 32 Seconds

Fanned barrage and upright effects producing large coloured bursts with triple action fans to to create a huge spread across the sky

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Space Detonation £50.00 25 Shots 55 Seconds

Silver strobe mines to red palm tree, yellow and time rain.

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Twisted Turtles £84.99 38 Shots 40 seconds

Stunning Huge Spinning Cyclones to large coloured burts best seller

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Poisonous Spiders £95.99 42 shots 65 seconds

One of our best sellers – large multi-coloured bursts to swirling comet tails to time rain bursts, ending with an all whistling and crackling final. 65 seconds

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Glittering Jewels £97.99 36 shots 40 seconds

A stunning new low noise multi-shot cake producing an array of effects and colours.

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Ice Warrior £105.00 100 shots 60 seconds

What a cake ! This does everything, blue, red and silver palms, strobes with time rain, purple...coconut bursts and volley 100 shots

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Vampire Fire £109.99 56 shots 40 Seconds

Fanned barrage with z firing effects including brocade, white strobe, lemon bursts, blue bursts and time rain – a great addition to any celebration. 40 seconds

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Big Bertha £120. 49 Shots 45 Seconds.

A fast paced Multi-shot Cake producing large titanium willow burst and strobes

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Screeching Demons £124.99 100 shots 55 seconds

Screeching whistling silver comets to loud palm bursts. 55 seconds

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The Big Finish £134.99 50 Shots 55 Seconds

A stunning finale firework or great as a display on its own. Big impressive bursts of effects including multi-colour, blue and golden crackle palms, blossom glitter, coloured strobes to name just a few. 50 seconds

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Evolution £150.00 160 Shots 90 Seconds

Great cake with a range of effects including multi-colour peony bursts, comets to palm bursts, red blossom strobes, intense time rain with huge finale. Great duration and versatility. 90 seconds

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Heavyweight £180 126 Shots 160 Seconds

Blue to red bursts, golden brocades, multi-coloured palms, red and silver blossom strobe, time rain & large finale. Great addition to your display or as a display all on its own. 160 seconds.

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Pulverizer £240. 154 Shots 120Seconds

Multi-colour crackling comets, whistles, changing to coloured palms, start bursts and time rain making for a long lasting display with wide array of colour and effects. 120 seconds.

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Endurance £285.00 119 Shots 100 Seconds

3 large Cakes link together high performance stunning mixture of brocades, time rain, palm, strobe and blossom bursts to create a spectacular array of fireworks all from one fuse straight and fanned effects with mixed calibre bursts last for 100 seconds

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Showtime £425 184 shots 150 seconds

This is one of the very best compound cakes available containing a stunning array of professional effects such as crossettes, brocades, whistling comets to large bursts, willows, bombettes and a very intense finale sequence. This is simply breath taking. 150 seconds

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