Single Ignition

With a multitude of different effects and priced from as little as £9.99 you will not be disappointed with our range of multi-shot cakes.  Don’t forget to ask about our baby reveal firework.

Fish & Chips | £16.99

A superb low noise item creating a mixture of silver fish in a blue lake and huge silver spinning spirals. Great for the young. 40 seconds

Cheery Cherries | £16.99

One of our most popular barrages, large bursts to busy crackling time rain clusters. 35 seconds

Shanghai Cyclones | £19.99

Red tail to silver spinners to large silver bursts – very unique effect. 43 seconds

Top Secret 4/1 | £22.99

42 effects, multi-coloured mines with multi-coloured over head bursts and time rain finale. 42 seconds

Fishes & Seahorses | £14.99

Crackling tail to silver fish in a blue sea, changing to white strobes and brocade cascading horse tails. 47 seconds

Space Monkey | £34.99

Large golden willow bursts with blue, coloured palm bursts changing to time rain and silver strobes. Superb quality effects. 30 seconds

Sky Ambush 4/1 | £44.99

Large whistling comets to large coloured bursts with fan and ‘Z’ firing effects, this truly is an amazing firework. 65 seconds

Mighty Hero | £44.99

Blue and gold brocades, multi-colour strobes, crackling tails to crackling spider bursts, coloured dahlias to strobes – really great colours and effects. 40 seconds

Flash Bang Wallop | £49.99

Huge multi-coloured strobes to brocade horse tails to time rain horse tail to multi-coloured palms to rain finale – WOW! 55 seconds

Poisonous Spiders | £59.99

One of our best sellers – large multi-coloured bursts to swirling comet tails to time rain bursts, ending with an all whistling and crackling final. 65 seconds

Vampire Fire | £69.99

Fanned barrage with z firing effects including brocade, white strobe, lemon bursts, blue bursts and time rain – a great addition to any celebration. 40 seconds

Screeching Demons | £79.99

Screeching whistling silver comets to loud palm bursts. 55 seconds

The Big Finish | £79.99

A stunning finale firework or great as a display on its own. Big impressive bursts of effects including multi-colour, blue and golden crackle palms, blossom glitter, coloured strobes to name just a few. 50 seconds

Retailers Barrage Pack | £82.99

Excellence | £84.99

Ticking Time Bomb | £89.99

Multi-colour comets, crackling comets, whistles, changing to coloured palms, star bursts and time rain making for a long lasting display with wide array of colour and effects. 100 seconds.

Evolution | £94.99

Great cake with a range of effects including multi-colour peony bursts, comets to palm bursts, red blossom strobes, intense time rain with huge finale. Great duration and versatility. 90 seconds

Firestorm | £99.99

A stunning new fan barrage featuring many firing angles with stunning effects such as time rain, brocades, willows and multicolour peonies. 60 seconds

Heavyweight | £144.99

Blue to red bursts, golden brocades, multi-coloured palms, red and silver blossom strobe, time rain & large finale. Great addition to your display or as a display all on its own. 160 seconds.

Brilliance | £124.99

Multi-coloured strobe to W firing fans in golden willow and blue, to Z firing willow and brocade to a huge intense mine and shell burst finale! This is up there with the best! 40 seconds.

Barrage Bag | £129.99

Pulverizer | £154.99

Multi-colour crackling comets, whistles, changing to coloured palms, start bursts and time rain making for a long lasting display with wide array of colour and effects. 120 seconds.

The Legend | £179.99

4 cakes. Upright effects with large 30 mm tubes for maximum size bursts. Blue and silver palms, multi-colour bombettes, time rain clusters and stunning strobes to name a few of the amazing effects contained in this compound cake. 100 seconds

Showtime | £259.99

This is one of the very best compound cakes available containing a stunning array of professional effects such as crossettes, brocades, whistling comets to large bursts, willows, bombettes and a very intense finale sequence. This is simply breath taking. 150 seconds

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