Balloon Colour Chart

Balloon Colour Chart

These are just a few of the most popular colours we offer in latex and foil balloons.

The balloons come in many different shapes and sizes. The latex balloons start at 5″, which are only used for air. We normally use 11″ latex for helium but also stock 16”, 30” and 36” which can also be filled with helium.

The 11” latex will last for 8-12 or if you would like them to last a little longer up to around 3 days don’t forget to ask for hi-float. Foil balloons come in round, heart, star and square shape and last about 7 days. Bubble balloons last much longer







Pale Blue

Dark Blue


Ivory Silk




Wild Berry

Spring Lilac

Purple Violet

Robin's Egg Blue


Tropical Teal

Caribbean Blue


Lime Green

Spring Green


Mocha Brown

Chocolate Brown


Onyx Black

Diamond Clear

Citrine Yellow

Mandarin Orange

Jewel Magenta

Ruby Red

Sparkling Burgundy

Quartz Purple

Sapphire Blue

Jewel Lime

Emerald Green

Jewel Teal

Pearl Citrine Yellow

Pearl Mandarin Orange

Pearl Magenta

Pearl Ruby Red

Pearl Burgundy

Pearl Quartz Purple

Pearl Sapphire Blue

Pearl Teal

Pearl Midnight Blue

Pearl Lime Green

Pearl Emerald Green

Pearl Forest Green

Pearl Onyx Black

Pearl White

Pearl Ivory

Pearl Lemon Chiffon

Pearl Peach

Pearl Pink

Pearl Lavender

Pearl Light Blue

Pearl Azure

Pearl Mint Green

Neon Orange

Neon Pink

Neon Magenta

Neon Violet

Neon Blue

Neon Green



Rose Gold

Silver Chrome

Mauve Chrome

Purple Chrome

Blue Chrome

Green Chrome

Gold Chrome

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