Red Heart Balloons & more for Valentine’s Day

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It’s not long before Valentine’s Day is here. Although we’ve still got Pancake Day to come, Valentines is only a day after that, so it’s time to get planning on how to treat that special someone in your life.

Whether you fancy treating your long term partner or you’re set to ask someone to be your girlfriend, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do so. But you want to get it right, and that’s why we’re here. We’re passionate about all special occasions, and Valentine’s Day is one of those days that we adore; where love is in the air and all around us!

Valentine’s Day Balloons

Sometimes words just aren’t enough, so why don’t you add a little fun to the day? No matter how old you are, receiving a balloon is a lovely gesture. Some of us like to cherish them and others like to suck out all the helium, either way, it will go down well… how punny of us!

Red Heart Balloons

One of the most popular (and for good reason!) balloons that we stock every Valentines is our red heart balloons. With such a variety of red heart balloons in stock, we guarantee that this will win over anyone you’re looking to treat or impress.

Our red heart balloons are available in a plain red print balloon, a bouquet of red heart balloons or with a printed message on the front.


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A very special heart shaped Valentine’s Day proposal balloon!

If you’re thinking of using Valentine’s Day to propose to your other half, then let us help you with this ‘Will You Marry Me?’ heart shaped balloon.

Simple, clean and beautiful. It’s a little something for you both to keep forever as a momento for the big day you became engaged to one another!

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Express your love with this stunning ‘I Love You’ balloon!

Along with our heart shaped balloons, we offer a variety of other shaped balloons for Valentine’s Day.

You may not be planning to pop the big question just yet, which is fine, so our ‘I Love You’ balloon may be a much more suited option for you!

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Heart shaped, circular and even bear shaped Valentine’s Day balloons!

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We have a great range of Valentine’s balloons in our party shop. If we don’t have it in stock, we can order in the balloon you want.

Check out some of our Valentine’s balloons below:

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Take advantage of our exclusive Valentine’s Day balloon delivery deal

We can deliver 10 red heart foil balloons on Valentine’s Day for £40.00 within a 5 mile radius of the shop. If you’re slightly further out, then we will calculate an additional delivery charge.

We’re also offering bouquets made to order. Your personalised Valentine’s balloons will then be available for collection from the shop or can be delivered to your home!

Valentine’s Day bits and bobs – more available in the shop


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